Road Rage Incident Under Investigation

Thursday in Lynchburg, witnesses reported an assault in progress involving
multiple people from two different vehicles. Both vehicles left the scene, and the victim
responded to the Police Department to report the incident.
Upon further investigation, with the assistance of concerned citizen video footage of the fight,
it was determined that three occupants from one vehicle attacked the victim of the other
vehicle. This road rage style incident started near Wards Ferry Road and Wards Road, and
ended at the intersection of Wards Road at CVCC Campus Drive. The victim received minor
injuries to her hand and head but was not transported to the hospital.
37-year-old Tiffany Marie Brown of Amherst was located in Amherst County with the assistance
of the Amherst County Sheriff’s Office, and she wastaken into custody without incident. Tiffany
Brown was charged with assault and battery, assault and battery by mob, and property
18-year-old Samantha Allyse Brown of Amherst was located at 3405 Candlers Mountain Rd and
was taken into custody without incident as well. She was charged with assault and battery and
assault and battery by mob.
Charges are pending for a 17-year-old juvenile female who was also involved in the incident.