Lynchburg Moving Sanctuary City Public Hearing Venue

City Manager Bonnie Svrcek made the decision today, January 7, to change the location of City
Council’s public hearing on Tuesday, January 14 from City Council Chamber in City Hall, 900
Church Street to E. C. Glass High School Auditorium, 2411 2111 Memorial Avenue. The
purpose of the public hearing is to receive citizen comments on whether or not the City should
become a Second Amendment Sanctuary City.
Svrcek stated, “Given new information that a parade/protest regarding Lynchburg becoming a
Second Amendment Sanctuary City could attract 500 persons in the area around City Hall and
after consulting with staff, I have determined it is in the best interest of public safety and public
discourse to hold the January 14 City Council meeting in the E.C. Glass Auditorium. This is a
shift in thinking due to the number of people expected to participate in the parade/protest.”
Efforts are underway to ensure that the public hearing can be broadcast live on Comcast Channel
15 as well as Facebook Live on the City’s Facebook page.