Fugitive Dies In Hospital Following Incident With Police

In Rockbridge County Monday, law enforcement officers with the Skyline Drug Task Force were trying to locate and arrest a wanted fugitive and when they located the person, the suspect fled on foot through Mill Creek and holed up in a culvert pipe which Mill Creek flows through. Deputies had information at the time that the fugitive was armed with a firearm. Deputies attempted to convince the fugitive to exit the pipe, but they refused to cooperate. During the two hour standoff, deputies continued to attempt to persuade the fugitive to surrender and exit the pipe. The fugitive was observed moving within the pipe throughout the standoff. Once movement was no longer detected from the fugitive, deputies immediately entered the pipe, removed the fugitive from the pipe and began life saving measures. The man was taken to the hospital where he died Monday night. He’s been identified as 38-year-old Alberto Jose Cornejo-Alvarez of Staunton.